How to buy Community Care Inform Adults

Buying an Inform licence

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Community Care Inform is only available to purchase as a corporate subscription. If you would like to find out how Community Care Inform can help your organisation then please send an enquiry to the Community Care Inform Sales team and someone will be in contact.

How can we help an organisation like yours?

Reduce risk

Ensures your workforce can make decisions that are consistently evidence based and both intelligible and defensible.

Save time and money

Practical information based on extensive research with frontline practitioners that’s easy to digest and available when and where social workers need it.

Improve quality and consistency

Trusted and quality assured tools that give high quality guidance on all the key areas of practice as well as complex and more niche topics.

How we can help you

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Social care directors

Improve the consistency of high quality decision making among your social care teams by ensuring it is easy and simple for them to find expert guidance, key legislation, lessons from case law, best practice and latest research when and where they need it.

Community Care Inform Adults is designed to help frontline practitioners make confident decisions that will improve outcomes as well as stand up to the scrutiny of a court or a complaint.

Social care managers

Our content is designed to be a ‘manager on the computer’ and those social care workers who use Community Care Inform regularly are more autonomous, confident and feel more supported when taking difficult decisions.

Community Care Inform provides practitioners with practice guidance from experts in the field, tools and theories demonstrated in practice to improve skills and comprehensive legal guidance tailored to social work practice.

All this is available 24 hours a day no matter where they are or what they are doing. This frees up manager time and helps to improve outcomes.

Team managers also have access to dedicated tools designed to help both group and individual supervision and facilitate team training sessions.

Social care practitioners

Community Care Inform Adults provides you with a wealth of practice guidance, tools, learning, research and legal information in both bite-sized and in-depth formats.

Whether you are struggling with a difficult and complex case, evidencing your decisions in court, looking for a reminder or developing your practice, our resources are designed to be quick and easy to understand and apply to practice.