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  • A balancing scale with permanent at one end and temporary at the other

    Coronavirus-related content hub

  • Brain with the word trauma

    Trauma knowledge and practice hub

  • description_of_image_used_in_mental_health_and_money_guide_calculator_and_money_spectrumblue_760x508

    Mental health and managing debt: quick guide

  • Drawing of 8 people with speech bubbles and eyes watching them to illustrate supervision

    Supervision: skills assessment, observation and feedback

  • Wooden figures using building blocks

    Supervision: building high quality relationships

  • Description_of_image_used_in_domestic_abuse_research_review_man_standing_near_broken_bottle

    Domestic abuse: lessons from research

  • Person under umbrella

    Addressing loneliness and social isolation: lessons from research

  • older man looking out the window

    Dementia and social work: lessons from research

  • drawing of the inside of a sitting room with chair, sideboard, window and plants

    Community deprivation of liberty and erring on the side of caution: AB [2020] EWCOP 39

  • evidence tape

    Consideration of third party evidence and carers’ needs under the Care Act 2014: R (JG) v London Borough of Southwark [2020] EWHC 1989 (Admin)

  • Doctor discharging woman from hospital

    Conditional discharge – navigating the Mental Health Act & Mental Capacity Act interface: MC v Cygnet Behavioural Health Ltd and the Secretary of State for Justice [2020] UKUT 230 (AAC)

  • A person holding a black lives matter banner at a protest

    Anti-racist social work: podcast

  • Remote supervision: podcast

  • lonely teenager sitting by self outdoors

    Loneliness and isolation during the pandemic: podcast

  • Houses of Parliament in London, UK

    Care Act 2014

  • description_of_image_used_in_mental_health_act_legislation_man_looking_out_of_window_newscast_online

    Mental Health Act 1983

  • Welsh assembly/National Assembly for Wales

    Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

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