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  • Court skills knowledge and practice hub

  • Brain with the word trauma

    Trauma knowledge and practice hub

  • online meeting

    Creating online reflective spaces during lockdown: quick guide

  • Drawing of figure with hands in knees

    Using trauma-informed approaches to work with adults

  • Coin in the bottle and plant growing with savings money

    Coronavirus: benefits and financial advice and information

  • Person under umbrella

    Addressing loneliness and social isolation: lessons from research

  • older man looking out the window

    Dementia and social work: lessons from research

  • young woman with autism and her mother

    Autism: lessons from research

  • upset couple

    The right to die at home with family: VE v AO [2020] EWCOP 23

  • empty hospital bed

    Covid-19 and enforced discharge from hospital: University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v MB [2020] EWHC 882 (QB)

  • Older man with mask for coronavirus looking out of window

    Covid-19 and care home visitor restrictions: BP v Surrey County Council [2020] EWCOP 17 and [2020] EWCOP 22

  • Remote supervision: podcast

  • lonely teenager sitting by self outdoors

    Loneliness and isolation during the pandemic: podcast

  • woman on work video call

    Self-care and Covid-19: podcast

  • Houses of Parliament in London, UK

    Care Act 2014

  • description_of_image_used_in_mental_health_act_legislation_man_looking_out_of_window_newscast_online

    Mental Health Act 1983

  • Welsh assembly/National Assembly for Wales

    Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

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