We pride ourselves on understanding the key challenges our partners face and being able to provide the most user friendly tools and relevant, trusted advice for day-to-day practice. We want users to rely on us for the support they need to make confident, robust and evidence-based decisions.

That’s why we’ve collected a few testimonials below from our users so you can see how we’re helping them.

I have used Inform Adults to look at the Care Act, to help me understand aspects of the act that are important to my role and also other aspects that will help to inform my practice, knowledge and learning.
Social worker, York
I find the website tremendously easy to use and have no problems in seeking the reliable information I am looking for.
Naomi Taher, social worker, integrated care team, Salford Council
I have used Inform Adults as a supervision tool for my staff to ensure they can keep up to date with research and new policy.  A good way to reflect on cases and learn new tools.
Team manager, Calderdale
The site saved mine and my colleague’s time as I was able to seek extensive information easily, which was relevant to my current cases. It has also helped me explore different ways of working with individuals.

Rachel Creasey, social worker, Leicestershire Council