Daisy Long

Daisy Long (nee Bogg) is director of DCC-i, an independent social work practice consultancy organisation, and a national social work specialist and academic author, practice educator and trainer, with qualifications in both social work and training.

Daisy has been involved in the design, development, and delivery of a wide range of learning, development, and consultancy programmes both nationally and to support customer organisations.

Daisy is a Social Work England registered social worker, holding additional qualifications in mental health (AMHP), mental capacity (BIA), training (PTLLS Level 4), mentoring (ILM) and practice education (PEPS 2). She is also visiting fellow at the National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work (NCPQSW) at Bournemouth University.

Daisy continues to lecture and practise in several social work roles and is a practice educator for social work students and both children and adults social work ASYE candidates, as well as providing professional supervision to several independent BIAs.

Daisy currently practises as an independent BIA for two supervisory bodies.

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