Suzy Braye Suzy Braye

Suzy Braye is emerita professor of social work at the University of Sussex, England, and a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Her professional background is in social work, and the management of local authority social services, following which she worked in the university sector as a social work educator and researcher.

Her specialist interests are in law and social work, adult social care and self-neglect. She now practises as an independent consultant in adult safeguarding, engaging in research, training and practice development, and as an independent reviewer in safeguarding adult reviews.

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Working with adults who self-neglect

Explains the causes of self-neglect (which includes hoarding) and gives advice on how to conduct thorough, sensitive assessments - either as a safeguarding enquiry, or under the Care Act - to unpick complex situations. This guide also looks at balancing respect for autonomy with duty of care, and provides examples of interventions.

Self-neglect: lessons from research